implantHelper : The Anarchy Online Implant Designer v2.00
2.00 Now ships with the database in SQLite format, no longer requires MS Jet DB Engine. Recompiled to .NET 4.
1.18 Added code to help with display on high-DPI screens. Added NP reqs and reqs to print.
1.17 Ability to sort clusters on shopping page, just click on the label for which cluster type you wish to sort by (or on the Implant Name label for the default order). Now requires .NET 2.0 or later.
1.16 Database updates for high QL symbiants.
1.15 Updated suggestion feature to be less restrictive.
1.14 Fixed an issue with the skill filtering.
1.13 Added skill filtering for Symbiants and spirits. Added LoX Symbiants and Spirits.
1.12 Finally added Exterminator Occular Enhancement and updated high-end symbiant treatment requirements.
1.11 Removed some more non-existant symbs from the DB. Added window re-size capability.
1.10 Sorted import of iMatrix files with no set profession. Added berserker symbs/spirits. Removed some non-existant symbs from the DB.
1.09 Reworked suggestions tab, added CTRL+F shortcut for find on layout tab, changed "<select cluster>" to something less intrusive. Added Adonis quest reward symbiants & spirit, and fixed Fist of the Dominator.
1.08 Ensure Shopping Page minimum QLs always updated when actual QL changes.
1.07 Added display of the highest Nano Programming skill required to build the implant to the requirements tab, this may not be 100% accurate and it does not show any requirements for clusters that use another skill (ie Jobe clusters).
1.06 Added ability to sort the benefits lists (click on header, an arrow indicates sort order and direction). Cleaned up a few things and ensured compilable with the SDK command-line compiler.
1.05 Added ability to open IMatrix data files. Corrected treatement/level requirements being switched for symbiants. Prevented the setting of found clusters from over-riding the imp/symb setting of a location.
1.04 Added a number of "special" implants to database. Changed results pages to use listviews for neater display. Changed suggestion list to use listview with checkboxes to enable on-the-spot selection of the desired cluster. Redid suggestion code to better handle cases where 2 clusters are free and to not make suggestions if all 3 clusters are free.
1.03 Added shopping tab to enable user to indicate clusters they have, this information is saved with the layout. Added a set implant button next to the find list, once you've selected a skill from the list, using the set button will set all the relevant unfilled slots to that skill.
1.02 Added suggestion tab for finding suitable clusters to make implant depend on specified abilities, added printing with shopping list feature and minimum valid QLs (remember, implant QL can increase when adding clusters, so do take that into account...), made minor tweaks.
1.01 Corrected requirements calculation, added tool-tips to show current benefits for each imp/symb/spirit, added an extra row to show required ability for imps and now listing symbiants in ql order.
1.00 Initial Release

So, I've downloaded your application, but what is implantHelper and how do I use it?

Well, implantHelper is an implant/symbiant/spirit layout designer for Anarchy Online, it enables you to experiment with implant layouts and see what the benefits and requirements are, it also enables you to manage a cluster shopping list, import iMatrix files, and export in a format suitable for use with AOSkills2.

Hopefully, if your familiar with other implant tools (and implants in general) then the functionality should be mostly self evident, but I'll run through a typical usage scenario anyway.

Lets say we want to make a set of computer literacy buffing implants. First, use the cluster search feature to identify which implants we'll need. So from the Find drop-down, select Computer Literacy and you'll see the slots that comp lit clusters fit in highlighted in green. Press the Set button and those slots will be filled in with the correct clusters (provided no other cluster is already in the slot).

Finally, enter the required QL (either against each individual implant or using the global value and set button), and press Build.

You'll be taken directly to the Benefits tab to see what the overall modifiers to your skills will be, and can also look at the Requirements tab to see what treatment and ability requirement's you'll need to meet in order too equip your new implants. remember that when built, implants may go up in QL slightly, so do make allowances.

A few other notes... Use the Type toggles to switch between implants and symbiants. To use symbiants you must first select your profession from the Profession drop-down. Selecting Shade automatically sets all implant types to Symbiant/Spirit as Shade's can only use spirits. Symbiants/Spirits set their QL automatically. Hovering over a cluster or symbiant/spirit shows it's current benefits in a tooltip. The state of the shopping page checkboxes is saved with the data so you can persist cluster shopping sprees over sessions, and the minimum QL you can use is shown next to the cluster (again, make allowances for implants to rise in QL as they are built).

And finally, the suggestions tab is to fit your implants to a specific ability or abilities, tick the required abilities, press suggest, then tick to slect the clusters you want to use. Note that if there are two empty slots to be filled, you need to fill both for the suggestion to hold... experiment with it and you'll soon get the hang of it.


implantHelper Main Window

The main window

implantHelper Main Window showing Cluster Search

The main window showing cluster search

implantHelper Cluster Suggestion Window

The cluster suggestion window

implantHelper Cluster Shopping Window

The cluster shopping window

implantHelper Benefits Window

The benefits window

implantHelper Requirements Window

The requirements window