AOSkills3 : Anarchy Online Skill Emulator v3
3.16Updated SQLite library and recompiled to .NET 4
3.15Fixed issue with certain rings. Replaced windows.ini file with more flexible aoskills_prefs.xml and now save all windows positions. Note, you will get a warning that there was a problem reading this file the first time you run this version!
3.14Added Cyborg Implants. Fixed QL limits derived from level. Other minor fixes for implant screen.
3.13Implants now remember selected clusters when "unequipped". Added most special implants (cyborg implants still missing).
3.12Fixed AI perks and research!
3.11Added Desert Nomad armour. Added usage info to perk lists. Fixed Max button bug introduced in 3.10.
3.10Fixed an issue with the filter by modifier on the Equipment screen and related skill displays. Added prompt for saving changes. Made tab order a bit more sensible. Max button should now spend all available IP up to the actual skill max. Now saves window position. Tweaked equipment screen to apply trickle down immediately.
3.09Save "Check reqs" tickbox state on exit and relaod state on startup. Order "Modifies" filter list alphabetically (attributes still first though). Handle Viral Memory Storage properly (as it has two ranges that share an AOID). Further tweaks and bugfixes. Changed link site to
3.08Updated to latest version of System.Data.SQLite - will now run on either 32 or 64-bit Windows. Included IconExtractor application.
3.07Further tweaks and fixes, including equipment screen search and some basic fixes for higher dpi displays.
3.06Added skill/ability filter and stat view to equipment screen, further minor tweaks and bug fixes. Added some missing buffs.
3.05Fixed save file format issue with research, some tweaks to implant screen.
3.04Minor updates and tweaks. Added change of level to logging. Cama's/Vanya's Pearl of the left/Right Brain should now be selectable equipment.
3.03Yet more tweaks. Exterminator Occular Enhancement should now work. Added initial version of action logger (should currently log IP expenditure, perk changes and equipment/implant changes).
3.02Minor tweaks to icon handling and the implant configuration screen.
3.01Made changes to how symbiant lists are reprocessed on changing profession, this significantly speeds up startup time. Tweaks to handling of implant max QLs in several situations.
3.00Initial release.
2.05Updated SQLite library and recompiled to .NET 4
2.04Updated to latest version of System.Data.SQLite - will now run on either 32 or 64-bit Windows.
2.03Fixed typo in perk-map.xml
2.02Fixed minor bug with benefit output in character file.
2.01Added a debug mode that can be turned on or off.
2.00Upated for AOSkills3, now outputs everything to the character file, though individual files are still produced where appropriate.
1.4Can now identify inactive org contracts.
1.3Parsing 2hb and 2he the correct way round.
1.2Parses Fixers as Fixers and not Enforcers.
1.1Can now parse additional packets saved by the included version of ItemAssistant to extract details of org benefits. See below for further information.
1.0Initial release.
1.2Updated SQLite library and recompiled to .NET 4
1.1Updated RDB handling for new post 18.6.8 format.
1.01Minor tweaks and fixes.
1.0Initial release.
2.00(initial bundling) Now ships with the database in SQLite format, no longer requires MS Jet DB Engine. Recompiled to .NET 4.

What It Is

Anarchy Online Skill Emulator v3 (AOS3) is a character emulator for Anarchy Online. In conjunction with ItemAssistant+ (AOIA+) and the supplied CharacterParser (CP), it enables character information to be extracted from the game, processed, and loaded into the emulator where various scenarios can be tested for new equipment, levels, etc.


TODO - installing with AOIA+, the aoitems.db file and first run. Using ExtractIcons etc.

How To Use

There are two main usage scenarios. You can be planning a new character and using AOS3 to decide how best to spend IP and perks, or you can be working with an existing character to setermine how to manage an upgrade. In the first case, you will just be using AOS3 itself, in the second you will most likely want to use ItemAssistant (AOIA) to record the raw character data passed from the server to the game client, and CharacterParser (CP) to manipulate that into a format AOSkills3 can then read. Both scenarios will be covered here.

A quick note, due to the way IP is spent in-game compared to how AOS3 calculates it, there are always likely to be discrepancies between what the game says you ahve available and what AOS3 says. Also, hit points and nano points will probably not be accurate, especially past 200.

Using AOIA+ and CP

The first step is to ensure AOIA+ is running and recording character information. Start AOIA+, then ensure the record button is toggled on.

Next, start CP up and have it running so you are ready to process your data.

Next, start up AO if it's not already running. Window mode is recommended to make switching between tools easier.

Next, you will need to do a number of things.

  1. Zone
  2. If you have any personal towers, target self and bring up character info (F1 then T)
  3. If you belong to an org with tower fields and/or a city, type "/org contract" and "/org city" (you can close the contract window as soon as it's opened)

Finally, press the Select button on the CP window and pick your character's datafile (fullsync_NAME.bin, where NAME is your char's name). This will process the raw data and generate the character XML file for loading into AOS3. You should now startup AOS3 and load your character (File->Open).

Using AOS3

Whether you are starting from scratch, or starting from an existing saved character, everything from here on is is the same. The AOS3 main window consists of a menu bar and a series of tabbed frames. The majority of these tabs match the skill areas in-game, so there is an Abilities tab, a Trade & Repair tab etc. In addition, there are also tabs for both types of perk and for research. The menu bar gives access to the other windows and provides the means to load and save characters among other things.

The File Menu

Open an existing character, this will replace any existing character
Open Raw Data...
Save the current character to the file indicated in the title bar, if no file is indicated then this will do a Save As... instead
Save As...
Saves the current character to a new file as selected via the dialog - it is suggested that the file name be of the form "character_TEXT.xml", but text can be anything, typically I use the character name and level
Print Preview...
Exits the program

The Edit Menu

Resets the character completely, level, IP, perks, equipment etc.
Max Abilities
Sets all abilities to the maximum available for the character's breed and level (and available IP)